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The story


Our story

How did we start?

Stayresilient was founded at the beginning of the corona crisis. In this confusing time, which creates tension for many people, the question is whether one has enough resilience to survive. There is uncertainty and doubt and some people lack a helping hand. A group of professional coaches with a desire to help connects by creating a platform for booking free coaching conversations.


While the crisis continues and the acute aid focuses mainly on health and practical matters, the question arises what Stayresilient can mean for society. Every conversation is meaningful, but the demand for coaching is less than expected. In acute help, a conversation with a coach is usually not the first step. We see that existing vulnerabilities are exposed. And we realize that those who can use a coach don't always have access to one. With this insight, we choose to make permanent free coaching conversations available through our website. We determine our new course with a vision and mission.


Mission vision

Stayresilient's vision is that we believe in a society in which aid is accessible to everyone. We believe that no one should be alone and that vulnerability can be shared. By talking to a coach you can continue with a renewed insight.


The mission of Stayresilient is to make coaching accessible to everyone, as support for being resilient.