The government's guidelines are clear on how to deal with the consequences of this crisis: Stay in touch, keep sharing and talking about it. Don't know who with? Do you enjoy having a few conversations with the same person? Are you looking for a listening ear? We can help you with our 36 certified coaches, ready to stand by to keep you resilient.    

Collaboration with the Red Cross

We work together with the Red Cross and various initiatives they develop. The focus here is on young people who have a very difficult time in this crisis. Of course everyone is welcome for a meeting and our free coach talks are not only intended for young people.


You can also book a conversation 'via Red Cross' at Book conversation . Read here more about our cooperation.


Attention to each other

We need each other to keep it up. That is why Blijfovereind is participating in #attentionforeachother. This is an initiative of the national government to which relief campaigns, aimed at the corona crisis, can register. Discover our story and the many other initiatives to help you stay resilient at !

How did we originate?

Blijfovereind was founded at the beginning of the corona crisis. In these confusing times, which cause tension in many people, the question is whether they have enough resilience to survive. There is uncertainty and doubt and some people lack a helping hand. A group of professional coaches with a desire to help connect with each other by creating a platform for booking free coaching sessions.


Vision & Mission

The vision of Blijfovereind is that we believe in a society in which aid is accessible to everyone. We believe that nobody should be alone and that vulnerability can be shared. By talking to a coach you can continue with a renewed insight.


The mission of Blijfovereind is to make coaching accessible to everyone, as support to be resilient.

Help Foundation Blijfovereind to exist


Despite the fact that all those involved are volunteers in this initiative, there are still costs to make Blijfovereind work. If you like what we are doing and want to support our cause, we always appreciate your kind donation. Every little bit helps! 

-We'd like to thank-

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