Are you sometimes struggling to stay afloat and would it be helpful to talk somebody? We can help. We offer the ability for you to talk to a certified coach to help you to deal with the things you need to deal with. 

Stayresilient is a platform where everyone can book a free conversation with a coach. You can contact us with your story and all your questions about what you experience as difficult and how you can deal with it. We are available for all that can use that support and that want a real person to talk to. The professional coaches offer more than just a listening ear, they are specially trained in asking questions. These questions provide answers and insights, making it easier to deal with a difficult situation in the future.

The aim of Stayresilient is to contribute to strengthening the resilience of society, so that it can recover from the crisis and is prepared for the changes to come. Because the calls are free, there is a coach for everyone.

Read more about the background, vision and mission of Stayresilient here.


A free call

The Stayresilient coaches offer free telephone calls of half an hour. You decide what the conversation is about. We offer a listening ear and ask questions if you appreciate it. During the conversation we discover together what is needed for you. All conversations are confidential.


Every day from 8 am to 9 pm

Every day, including weekends, all day, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., we offer you the opportunity to speak to one of our coaches.


How do you book a conversation?

You book yourself on the day and time of your choice via the 'book conversation' button. If you have not finished talking after the conversation, you are welcome to book another free conversation or continue talking to the same coach.

Red Cross partnership

The Red Cross notices that in some cases their support of a listening ear is not enough. We realized that a coaching conversation may be a possible solution. Offering this possibility is the reason The Red Cross and Stayresilient partnered up. 


Clients struggling with loneliness, young people who find it difficult to shape their lives, and foreign language speakers need more than a listening ear. A conversation with a Stayresilient coach can help. Based on a referral instruction, the employee of one of the Red Cross helplines points to the website of Stayresilient. The person asking for help can then book a conversation. An important condition is that the person asking for help is willing to take steps to change the situation.

Help Foundation Stayresilient to keep afloat


Despite the fact that all those involved are volunteers in this initiative, there are still costs to make Stayresilient work. If you like what we are doing and want to support our cause, we always appreciate your kind donation. Every little bit helps! 

We'd like to thank

Stayresilient was established in collaboration with the following partners.